Rabu, 05 Oktober 2011


WASHINGTON – Be careful if you are in the toilet. This warning is more directed to women, because there are cases atersembunyi camera in a public toilet.

Starbucks Coffee Co. is facing charges after a teenage girl found hidden cameras in women's toilet. Is this fact or just want to search for sensation?

The father, William Yockey, charging the company with the famous coffee shop of $ 1 million or approximately Rp9, 1 billion (Rp9, 100 per USD). This price is comparable to self-esteem

Yockey and his daughter, was at one of Starbuck's coffee shop in Washington and use the toilet in April. Does the camera sees his little girl?

The little girl found a video camera hidden behind the pipes leading to the toilet and the middle of recording. Similarly, reported by Reuters on Thursday (22/09/2011). He also cleverly, the bias found a hidden camera.

This incident adds to a long list of camera cases at Starbuck's toilet in the period last year.

In May, a man was caught placing a camera in the toilet Starbucks in California.

The man has recorded approximately 40 women. And may be more if caught. While the other one was arrested in June when caught putting a camera in the toilet Starbuck in Florida. (RHS)

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